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Health Safety Security Environment

The motivation behind this archive is to characterize, in framework, the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental principles that are to be conformed to by every one of the representatives, contractors and outsider staff working with Shree Balaji Engg Services. Shree Balaji HSSE arrangement just expressed is 'No assignment or occupation could really compare to Safety'. This standard is fused into every one of the activities executed by Shree Balaji. The firm has embraced a zero resistance strategy toward any deviations from its center wellbeing approach. A definitive target is to accomplish zero wounds, mishaps and natural harms. Any worker, who works for the firm in any undertaking area and for whatever timeframe, should adjust himself to the association's HSSE strategy. What's more, some other command as required by the customer's HSSE approach should be trailed by the representatives while working in the customer's premises. It ought to likewise be noticed that the customer HSSE strategy not really overrides that of the firm. Shree Balaji HSSE arrangement ought to be pursued independent of whether the customer requests the equivalent.

Goals and Objectives

The following goals have been established at Shree Balaji:

  •   Provide workers with a safe work environment
  •   Conduct routine/regular workplace inspections
  •   Provide Personal Protective Equipment
  •   Develop and implement safe work procedures and rules
  •   Provide on-going safety training
  •   Enforce safety rules and appropriate discipline
  •   Provide on-going environment conservation practices
  •   Cause no harm to the environment