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Personal Protective Equipment

General Requirements

During the execution of work in any premises on behalf of Flotek, all the employees / contract labor / third party personnel are obliged to wear the following protection as a minimum:

  •   Safety helmet
  •   High, antistatic Safety shoes
  •   Fire retardant clothing (for applicable workers)
  •   Gloves
  •   Safety glasses with side protection
  •   Safety Belt / Fall Arrester for all types of height works

Welding and Grinding Work

All welders and processors are required to utilize a face shield in blend with the proper security glasses. They are additionally required to wear affirmed PPE as protective cap, cowhide coat, overskirt, steel-toed work boot, gloves, no sleeve pants and other hardware as regarded vital by the Safety Officer/Site Engineer. Mechanical ventilation is required at all welding focuses in the work site. Fundamental fire screen additionally should be given and welding corners kept up if on the off chance that the welding and crushing works are done close to the operational oil tanks and pipelines.

Painting Work

All workers and guests are required to wear affirmed eye assurance. Shower painters are required to wear organization gave work garments (expendable shirt/pants). Affirmed respirators are required amid those occasions when splash painting, blending, or tidy up is occurring. Steel-toed boots/shoes expected of paint sprayers. All splash painting is to be led inside the reasonable premises. Mechanical ventilation framework is to be in task when shower painting happens.